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"Happenings" the local paper that is sent to every house in Port St. John and Canaveral Groves whether they want it or not. Is it the freebie you keep and read, cover to cover? Or is it the "pooper-paper" unfit to use for anything besides lining the bottom of a birdcage, or training your puppy as some seem to think? Whichever: is it "fair and balanced" as a newspaper should be; or is it biased, as is alleged? Let's take a look.

Biased? He acutely favored the PRO-incorporation side during that battle. Double Standards? He refused to publish corrections to proven falsehoods. He allowed a personal attack against a Commissioner: Trudie Infantini, to be exact.
He also published personal attacks against others. He refused to accept a donation for fireworks from a local online competitor. He published anti-desalinization info over pro-desal without giving as much space to the pro.
He supported a pro-PSJDSDAB so much he wrote a slanderous e-mail to the BOCC against someone who did not support it. He chose to publish his cohort's math as opposed to a CPA's.

There will be more to be posted, I'm sure. We'll see how big the list gets.

So, is the local "pooper-paper" biased, as is alleged? Or is it something that should be read with the proverbial grain of salt? Can you read it and trust it? Can you see anything in there that would make you trust him? If not, then do you really want to read it?

No harm in asking the questions, is there? So ask yourself the questions above and consider your answers. What is it that you want from that? Hmm?

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