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The Port St. John incorporation effort was one of the most heavily pushed idea in Brevard County's history. Starting in 1996 (if not earlier) those who supported the idea of incorporating Port St. John -- and forcibly incorporating the areas of Frontenac, Delespine, Williams Point, Hardeeville and part of Sharpes. It would have taken down to Canaveral Groves Blvd. and brought the Brevard County Detention Center into the city. Those who pushed for it told more lies and used more scare tactics between 1996 and the actual vote in November 2002 than most politicians ever dream of telling. I think they actually gave Bill Clinton and Barack Obama runs for their money! It was six years of lies prior to the vote. Then there were meetings, many articles and interviews and appearances, and still, they were unable to lie well enough, loud enough, or long enough to battle those who told the people the truth.

Biased? Shows how much the local paper, Happenings, favored the pro-incorporation side. Pro-Incorporation "budget" put together by Amy Tidd, this thing is a sad excuse for a "budget". Compare their "budget" numbers with real budgets of the time. Such a small "Emergency fund"? Amazing.
Their lies about taxes were ridiculous. Who believed their malarkey? Pro-Incorps tried to take away family history to achieve their own goals. That's wrong. They tried to make Port St. John afraid of Titusville, Cocoa, and everything else.
They sponsored a debate in which more fear was offered up and tossed around. They threatened that Titusville would FORCE PSJ to hook up to their sewer system. They funded a "survey" that had horrible questions on it. Horrible in that it only gave certain options, not additional choices, thus leading to a set conclusion.
They got the County to fund a "Feasibility Study" then told everyone that it proved it could be done. They lied to the County while trying to get a televised "debate". After it was all over, they lied about their involvement in pushing for incorporation.

Editorial Cartoons!

It seems when you have the courage to post editorial cartoons that they start pouring in! I posted three of them about rupester's run for D1 and then I got two others a few weeks ago. Now, I have EIGHT editorial cartoons about the PSJ4T group and their attitudes and activities. I think you'll enjoy them.

  • "Debate" is about the PSJHOA sponsored debate between PSJ4T and the Civic League went.

  • "L'Honour" is about one of the PSJ4T leaders getting an award from the (then) BOCC. BTW, the Commie you can't see is scarborough.

  • "Founding Fatherettes" is how the artist saw the PSJ4T leadership.

  • "Little Did They Know" is what the artist thought happened on the night of the election deciding PSJ incorporation.

  • "La Chicken" reflects the fact that tiddlywinks left PSJ as soon as the incorporation vote went against her (mary tees left, too).

  • "Happy Thanksgiving" is Thanksgiving Day just after their defeat.

  • "Christmas" shows that year's Christmas.

  • "And Now, The BIG Question" It's about what the artist thought would be next for PSJ4T to focus on.

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