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Toilet Paper Swipes, and the rest of my website, has been on hiatus as a long-needed break was definitely in order for me to de-stress and get a little breather. I have been at this website since the incorporation battle and it's been fun, but sometimes I do need a break.

However, I see that Her Britishness, the Yappee Yorkie (Y2) is still trying to rule PSJ without being elected to do so, getting three of her five listed Grupees appointed to the PSJ Advisory Board. When she is active again, we must all be on the lookout. It means something is up. So, be aware, keep your eyes open and watch for Y2's next move. Rumor has it she'll run for District 1 Commissioner when the current Flunkie is term limited out. But that's a rumor, not confirmed. I wonder if she'd care to declare here on my website...

Also, I will be covering the events of the hiatus months in a separate page as I get the time. Keep an eye on this site.

Aren't ya' tired of it?

Aren't ya' tired of being presumed stupid, lazy, reluctant, unresourceful and having a myriad of other unflattering traits? That's what the costive Y2 must think of you with her constant dribbling, "I will report..." or "I'll keep you updated..." Does she not think that you have the wherewithall to do the work yourself? Does she think you that incapable? Don't ya' just want to tell her that if you want information, you can find it out yourself? You have the opportunity to call someone within the County, State or even Federal bureaucracy. You have the opportunity to get online and do the research. You may not be able to attend hundreds of hours of mind-numbingly boring meetings, but those of us who have a life don't want to do that! It doesn't mean we can't get the information from those meetings; it just means we don't have to nap through them. (Wouldn't most normal people who don't have to be there for their jobs nap through them?)

Besides, who appointed her our guardian anyways? She certainly wasn't elected to it. The last time she ran for any sort of elected office was in 1996 and that was the PSJ Advisory Board (more on that subject later). She never ran again just relied on Ol' Reliable Commissioner from District 1, the Flunkie Extraordinaire, to reappoint her. She never even qualified again, yet she served several of what is usually called "terms". So who appointed Her Britishness as Port St. John's Guardian Angel, Special Representative, or whatever she has deemed her flagitious self? And yet, Her Britishness has deemed us her subjects and she must keep us informed. What is it they say in GB? Noblesse oblige (noblity obliges)? Sorry. I'll never bow down to anyone as Queen (or King).

In the September 2005 issue of TP, on page 17, Her Britishness says, "I have publicly asked the sheriff [sic] to meet with the COPs and try to work out whatever the problem, but with no result." And then, "The biggest loser here is the community of PSJ and our safety." First of all, who asked her to do that? Not you? Certainly not I. Second of all, what safety is lacking in PSJ now? Has anyone noticed an increase in crime since the COP unit dwindled to twelve or thereabouts? No? Sorry. Case not made. And yet, Her Britishness has decided to speak "publicly" asking for the unit to be negotiated. Awww... Ain't that just too presumptive of her? If the Sheriff doesn't want to bow down to a Queen, considering this is America and we don't have one, I suppose he doesn't have to, either.

Wait. It doesn't stop there. Want to know just how far the costive Y2's sciolism has gotten her? Look at how many Boards she has been appointed to:

Note: This does NOT include the Advisory Boards she sits on as a "volunteer" such as Parrish Medical Center's Port St. John Health Center's Advisory Committee; nor does it include the many organizations she belongs to. The list above only includes the currently updated list from the County's website.

How many of you would just love to tell Her Britishness to shove off and stop acting as though she were already the Heir-Apparent to the District 1 Throne? How about you do just that? I got her e-mail address from one of the countless Boards, Committees, or whatever she sits on, so it is out there for the public to see as public record. It is not against the law for you to contact her and it is not against the law for me to publish her address. So, write to Her Britishness if you wish and tell her to stop misrepresenting you: she's fired from that job! Maybe she'll stop acting as though you're already paying her a salary to say the things she does.

* * * more * * *

Desalination Plant

Can we finally get this thing put to rest? Can we get it over with here and now? Read the truth and find out what the PSJ "Elite" won't tell you. BTW, if you read any of my pages about this issue, you will see that I have not taken a stand one way or the other as to whether it would be a good thing for our area to have one. I want the people to know the truth about how well they work, where they are, how many are in working condition in the world and providing potable water. A desalination plant is not a big, scary thing that needs to be opposed like a pedophile priest. Desal plants are an option. Let's keep the truth available to people so that they can make up their own minds, instead of having someone else make it up for them.

Truth: Desalination plants are used successfully worldwide. Not just in America, but all over. Different types of desalination plants are used; reverse osmosis (like the one proposed for the PSJ area) as well as others. The Middle East has over one thousand desalination plants working 24/7 to provide them with fresh drinking water, pool water and even water to irrigate their crops. Spain alone has over 900 desalination plants! The Japanese use desalination. The Scandinavian countries use desalination. Tunisia uses desalination plants for drinking water. In fact, according to this report,

"There are approximately 11,000 desalination plants in 120 nations in the world, 60 percent of them in the Middle East. The first modern plant was built in Saudi Arabia in 1938, although two small experimental plants had been built earlier in the same country and two existed before (in Japan and Egypt).

"The desalination plants of the world now produce approximately 4 billion gallons daily, enough to provide about 4 percent of the world’s population with fifteen gallons a day. This is equivalent to providing about one-quarter of 1 percent of the world’s fresh water needs. Desalination facilities also operate in Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar, the Caribbean, Cape Verde, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, India, China, Japan, and Australia, for a total of 126 nations scattered across the globe. Cyprus’ position is that the long-term prospect for a solution of the problem of water scarcity is desalination of seawater."
With all of those desalination plants working 24/7 around the globe, if it were going to do real damage to the ecosystems of the earth, don't you think we would have seen the results by now: 60-something years after the first one was built? Don't you think that the environmentalist (or is that just mentalist?) wackos would be screaming bloody murder if the desal plants worldwide were that bad for the environment? Don't you think that those of us -- including me -- who wish to be able to live on this planet and drink the water, fish in the water, swim in the water, look at the water, etc., would be screaming that same bloody murder by now if desalination plants were evil environment killers?

Truth is, they're not all that bad or there would be all kinds of proof by now. For over sixty years they've been making fresh potable water for us! Get a grip! Drinking water is one of the most important issues we face. Let's face it with the truth and a full knowledge of what we are talking about. Don't let half-truths and postiche guide you. Let's just call all this nonsense others have been spouting against desalination plants what it is: scare tactics meant to keep you from getting the facts. If the whole world has been doing it successfully for this long, why can't America?

* * more * *

Fay Lake Wilderness Park

Hehehe... I must laugh here. I am on that Board. I am a member of the Fay Lake Wilderness Park Committee as of April of this year. I sent in my application, showed up at the North Brevard Parks and Recs Committee meeting, answered some questions and -- although there was another candidate Y2 would have preferred be appointed, but he was on a cruise (lucky guy) -- I was appointed. So I know the facts related to what her costive Britishness writes about. BTW, we do not meet every two weeks. We meet monthly the third Thursday of the month for the months of September (15th) and October (20th), and at the October meeting we will decide what to do about the upcoming holidays. If you wish to know after that, you can investigate for yourself, rely on Her Britishness to keep you ill-informed, or you can e-mail me [no longer available] and I'll answer any questions you may have. Other than that and the info I wish to share with you, there is nothing to respond to in that snippet.

The info I wish to share with you is this: The West Connector is going to be an intersection road with Fay Blvd. just after it goes into Fay Lake Wilderness Park. We will be able to access the Connector without going up a ramp, as I always envisioned, and without going far out of our way to get there. It will be a simple intersection. My question is, how many "wilderness parks" have in them what will be a very heavily travelled road? Just asking.

Amendment to County Parking...

I must admit my surprise that the Commissioners have listened to the majority of the people instead of the whiny few. The fact that the Commissioners decided to allow us to park our own vehicles where we wish to (within the confines of already established ordinances) on our own property is an astonishing thing. Imagine that! The County won't take this particular step to control you and use you as a puppet! Whoooppeee! Chalk one up for freedom! It took quite a few people showing up and speaking against the whiners being able to force us to park where they can't see our offensive vehicles in order for the County to back down, but if that many people showed up (one paper said over sixty), just think how many wrote, called or e-mailed against this controlling ordinance! Good for Brevard County! Our ire was raised enough to make us get off our backsides and do something! Excellent.

PSJ Advisory Board

This, as some of you well know, is a subject on which I have a great deal of information. However, on this day I will suffice with the fact that I wrote to the Commissioners and told them that since they would not listen to me regarding this Board, that I would take my hands off of it and abandon it to history (those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it). Accordingly, they did not surprise me nor let me down when they appointed three of the five Grupees on Y2's list of recommended people.

I was appalled, however, to read some of the applicants' responses to the questions they were asked. For instance, Tracey Giemza retyped the application and typed "Why are you interested in the [sic] serving on this Board?" The word "the" wasn't in the original. Although some would call that nitpicking, it is pertinent because it wasn't caught. If you're going to make a mistake on something like that, at least correct it before submitting it to public record. And her answer (verbatim)?

"I have a vested interest in the PSJ Community, having spent most of my childhood here, and all of my adult life here. My children go to schools here as well as participate in recreational activities, I professionally and personally do business with PSJ businesses, I homeowner here, and I many friends who live here."
Here, here, here, here, here. By the way, she has "successfully quadrupled the attendance at the PSJ Business Connection". Too bad during the incorporation battle the founder of the PSJ Business Connection was touting fear of Titusville because they were going to annex us against our wishes and now he's having lunch with Titusville business owners (and Chamber of Commerce employees, as is Ms Giemza) and inviting -- yea, encouraging -- them to come to PSJ to "connect". Not enough businesses in PSJ for even a Business Connection to be successful without Titusville's help? How on earth could we have done a city?

By the way, the Commissioners voted for her over Pete Costello, the Vice President and Public Relations person for the Port St. John Civic League during the incorporation battle, who had also applied. But I can't fault them too much. After all, Pete Costello has only lived in PSJ for 25 years compared to the 4.5 that the appointed Wendy Porter has and her famous sentence in answer to question 3 on the application: "As a resident of PSJ and I very interested in and concerned with the future of our area." Pete Costello wrote eloquently and, for the most part, used proper grammar and punctuation; compared to the Giemza sample above and her divided sixteen years (eight as a child, eight as an adult) of PSJ residency. Pete Costello had at least one letter of recommendation (from an attorney); compared with no letters of recommendation for Grupee's recommendations. And yet, Pete Costello was not appointed. I suppose that's the way the Commission Cookie crumbles. Or is it influence peddles? Rumor has it that Her Britishness went around telling the Commissioners that he was "contentious", a by-word of hers.

Notice, please, that the same people Her Britishness recommended (Wendy Porter, Tracey Giemza, Randy Rodriguez, Carmella Chinaris and Richard Smith [served one appointed term, but never filed an application to serve on the current Board even though he presumably agreed to be put on Y2's list]) for the PSJ Advisory Board were already on the Parrish Health Center's Port St. John Health Center's Board with her, on other Boards, Committees and in other organizations (League of Women Voters, etc.) with her. Or they are her longtime friends, all of which indicates like-mindedness, group-think. This like-mindedness thing is what got the PSJ Advisory Board into trouble in the first place. They all agreed that PSJ needed to be incorporated and they set about doing so, in part by using the PSJ Advisory Board as a way and means. Let's see if history is faithful and repeats itself as I expect it to. Because if it does, -- and it hasn't let me down yet -- I will publish it and try to make sure it gets set right.

Note: On the PSJ Health Center's Board are (Info from Parrish Medical Center mailing first meeting notes dated Thursday, December 2, 2004 and from the website

  • Mr. Randy Rodriguez: Vice President, PSJHOA; Happenings Real Estate; Happenings Newsletter
  • Ms. Helen Dezendorf: President, PSJHOA; Tax Accountant; Chair, PSJ Friends of the Library
  • Ms. Carmella Chinaris: Teacher, Space Coast High School; Member, PSJ Library Board
  • Mr. Carmine Ferraro: President, PSJ Business Connection
  • Mr. Walter Butler: President, AARP; Also lives in Sharpes and a leader in the black community (My Comment: why mention race?)
  • Mr. Bill Cannon: President, Canaveral Groves Home Owners Assoc.
  • Father Greg McComas: Church of All Saints
  • Mr. Al Yorston: Community minded, member of Home Owners Assoc. Works for County Human Relations
  • Ms. Joni Weidner: Fay Lake Park Committee member
  • Ms. Lynn Forrest [sic]: Community Center Committee and Youth Activities Rep
  • Mr. Jim Kellison: Brevard County Sheriff's PSJ Community Police Unit (My Comment: No longer with the Sheriff's Office.)
  • Ms. Tracey Giemza: PSJ Representative for Titusville Chamber of Commerce (My Comment: I didn't know we had one!)
  • Mr. Sandy Sanderson: Florida Power and Light - will most probably send a rep.
  • Ms. Maureen Rupe: Board of Directors, PMC and resident of PSJ
  • Ms. Barbara Buzzo (on website)
  • Mr. Danny Quinton (on website)
  • Mr. Jerry Wall (on website)
Anyone notice a pattern here? It seems to me we have a certain group of people running PSJ without being elected. They're everywhere, on everything. I know those who wish to make like it's no big deal will say that those are the people willing to do the work and they volunteered when no one else would. I beg to disagree. There are people the current Flunkie of D1 keeps appointing over and over and over again. Why? Could it be a certain person is pulling strings and using influence, controlling who gets which appointments, ensuring her favorite like-minded people get into the positions that would control PSJ's future? Isn't that like being an unelected Mayor? Or is that just the way influence works, enabling you to make decisions for everyone in a community by the appointment of people who will agree with you?

This has been happening for years and years and years. When was the last time that you remember it being easy to get on a Board or Committee if you opposed the pretender to the throne? When was that? When did you last hear of someone being appointed to and/or by a local PSJ Board that was controlled by the like-minded Grupees who wasn't "one of them"? I can't remember the last time I heard of them accepting a dissenting voice. (That seems pretty contentious to me!) Is this the way you want PSJ to be run: by an appointed but unelected group of people who have one thing in common -- agreeing with Her Britishness? If not, do something about it. Ask to be put on the next Board that has an opening. Write to the Flunkie of D1 [no longer available] and tell him you're tired of being a British subject; our Revolutionary War was supposed to have put an end to that! Attend the meetings of all of the Boards Y2 sits on and speak up for PSJ. Declare your Indepence, PSJ! Complete your liberation from British tyranny!

* * more * *

Quick question for you: Why are all of the people who were touting fear of Titusville -- forced sewer! forced annexation! wicked airport! -- during the incorporation battle now kissing up to Titusville and doing everything they can to ensure Titusville's businesses, hospitals and anything else comes down to PSJ? I thought they loathed, hated and feared Titusville. At least that's the picture they painted during the incorporation battle. Remember these?

  • "Pro-incorporation supporters believe until Port St. John forms a city, the threat of Titusville officials forcing Port St. John residents to hook up to its sewer service will exist, said Maureen Rupe, co-chairwoman of Port St. John For Tomorrow, a pro-incorporation group." -- Florida Today, Oct. 20, 2002
  • "This wall would keep out Titusville Sewer, because if we stay unincorporated per FL statute 180.02 Titusville can run its sewer 5 miles south and make us hook up." -- Paid Political Advertisement Port St. John for Tomorrow, Inc.
  • "In the past 2 years they have aggressively annexed down to Kings Hwy, and are only a few hundred yards away from us." -- Paid Political Advertisement Port St. John for Tomorrow, Inc.
  • "Incorporating assures us that that Kings Hwy is as far as they can go." -- Paid Political Advertisement Port St. John for Tomorrow, Inc.
  • "Our biggest threat is being forced onto sewer by Titusville (who has the highest rates in the state) or Cocoa. A city can force sewer on areas up to five miles outside their city limits per Florida Statute 180, and a city can do this without annexation." -- PSJ4T PAC, HAPPENINGS (TP), November 2000
There are many, many more quotes I could use, but I need the space for other things. I just find it very curious that the Grupees are now so in love with Titusville after all of the vitriol they spit at Titusville a few years ago. What are they up to? Are they encouraging a lot of Titusville businesses to come down here hoping that PSJ would be less likely to object next time the pro-incorporation people try for incorporation because PSJ now has the business base, although it is a Titusville business base, which will then become annexed forcibly by PSJ? Or, are they encouraging Titusville businesses to come down here hoping to have PSJ annexed by Titusville? Or are they trying to build Titusville businesses into PSJ as an "I told you so" because we didn't incorporate? Just asking.

* * * more * * *

Brevard County Transportaion Budget

She starts this segment with "I attended the budget hearing on transportation on August 18 to plead for money for PSJ roads. The unincorporated area may be shrinking with annexations, but it still has 1,223 miles of road." Three things strike me about these two sentences:

  1. "She attended... to plead..." Who appointed, elected, or from which bloodline did she ascend the throne from which to speak for PSJ? Did anyone in PSJ vote for her to speak for us? Did anyone in PSJ ask her to "plead for more money for PSJ roads"? Did anyone in PSJ go to her and say, "Your Britishness, we beg you, please go to the County's budget hearing on transportation and ask them, plead with them for more money for roads in PSJ! Please, Your Britishness! We need you to speak for us!" and break down into sobbing just to make sure she knew you were sincere? No one did that? Then what RIGHT has she to presume to do so?! NONE! How DARE she speak for us without being asked?! She doesn't even have an HOA to get permission, backing, or any other type of authorization from and yet, she presumes that because she is a Procrustean, and noblesse oblige, she must!
  2. "The unincorporated area may be shrinking with annexations" she scares. But she doesn't indicate that the "unincorporated area" is not just the PSJ area. It is more than us; probably all of north Brevard or all of Brevard, period. Yet, her costive flagitiousness uses this terminology as what: proof of her assertions during the incorporation battle being true, or as part the set-up for reasons to be afraid in the future? Which is it?
  3. She needs to get a life. How sad it must be to live for the moment when you get to get up and talk about the County's road budget. But it is face time in front of County officials and it is on SCGTV (Space Coast Government Television). So if Her Britishness is planning on a run for the Flunkie's D1 seat, then it would behoove her to get that face time and to make it look like she's trying to do something good for PSJ. That D1 campaign is looking more and more likely if you consider her actions. She's "keeping us informed" and "pleading for more money" for our roads and publicly calling the Sheriff out. I bet ya' she's planning on running. I again ask her to take the courageous step and declare on my site. Lots of people read it, including Her Britishness. (I bet she's steaming right now!) But who would vote for her? Would you?

I also love her assertion (page 16): "The roads were never constructed, as it should have been." LOL! That's too funny! If the roads were never constructed, how can she plead for more money for them in the first place? And, if that's how "it should have been" then why is she pleading for more money to change what was rightly done in the first place? My, oh my, oh my! Can you imagine having that represent us as D1 Commissioner?

And, of course, she ends with the usual brown-nose sentence praising the Flunkie. I wonder if this indicates that he's planning running for something after he's outed from the D1 seat by term limits? Could he be considering a run for Representative, Senator, or whatever? If he's not going to be running for something else, or trying for power in another seat somewhere, why continually give him the positive publicity when in the incorporation battle she painted him as one of the bad guys? What is up with this continual backside kissing? Or is that just in the nature of the beast? She is showing her true self? If so, again I ask, can you imagine having that represent us as D1 Commissioner?

* * * more * * *

Transportation Impact Fees

Why was state law a shocker, and who did it shock? Shouldn't this be something that is known by our Commissioners? Or, at the very least, by the Transportation people, or the County Attorney, if no one else? Isn't it their responsibility to keep the Commissioners updated on this sort of thing in order for the Commissioners to make an informed decision? If this was a shocker, someone on Staff let the Commissioners make some pretty bad decisions for a very long time and Staff heads should roll. The taxpayers of Brevard County are paying for this one and the responsibility for that rests squarely on Staff. And the Flunkie voting for higher taxes of any kind should be no "shocker" for anyone.

* * * more * * *

PSJ Community Observation Patrol

The info I got about the COP unit was much different than Her Britishness's version of events. But I'll not belabor that, I just want to ask again where she gets the nerve to "publicly ask the sheriff [sic] to meet with the COPs"? If she were an elected official, I may be able to understand her intervention into every jot and tittle of PSJ life. However, I cannot understand nor do I appreciate her sthenic arrogance and pomposity in speaking "publicly" and/or her representing that she speaks for PSJ! How ludicrous a kakistocracy it would be to have Her Britishness as our queen! I request that she resign from publicly speaking as though she represented all of PSJ. She represents her Grupees and herself and no one else. Cease and desist, Y2, for I know you are reading this (and probably printing this for your libel files, knowing you)!

* * * more * * *

Viera Expansion, Site Tour and Workshop

Why on earth is she inserting herself into things down in Viera? Why does she deem it her business, her right, her domain to go down there and try to control them, too? Why does she think people developing a property she doesn't live near have to answer to her? How much more conceited than that can anyone get? The Clintons may top her, but not many besides. And what makes her think we are interested? Or is this just another project for her to keep us "informed" on? Another pie to stick her finger into and hope to pull out an election plum? Get over it you bombastic, arrant blab!

I understand she is a tree-hugger extraordinaire, but that does not mean that tree-huggers and their beliefs should prevent people from having houses to live in, streets to drive on, cleared and mowed yards to play in. If she cares so much about the environment why focus on America when third world countries pollute much more than we do? She could go over there and do a lot more prevention than she can here. In fact, we can take up a collection from the willing and get her a good plane ticket to go over and take care of the earth's rivers, plateaus, wetlands, deserts, trees, bugs, birds, bees, whatever, in any country in the world she wishes to. We aren't asking her to do it here and quite a few of us don't want her to! There are worse sins in the world than are being committed against trees here.

* * * more * * *

Update from Hotel on Vector Space

A five foot change in the current height limitations. Oooohhh... Bad City of Titusville! Shame on you! You are doing nothing more than making another bad decision and you have been called on it by Her Britishness. Don't you feel ashamed? And you're moving south of your city limits? Then how can you be the ones making the decisions on this thing instead of the County? Hmmm... Something doesn't make sense in that assertion by Her Britishness. You can only make decisions on your own territory, so how could you have made a decision on this extra five feet? Hmm... I suppose that you are planning on getting that okayed by the County before it is to full height? Or are you just going to usurp their rightful place as the decision maker on that one and not allow the County any say in the matter even though anything outside your city limits is their territory? Either way, Bad City of Titusville, bad!

* * * more * * *

Area Gas Prices

Why bother? Why publish prices that by the time the TP gets published you know will be different; higher or lower, but different? Hurricane Katrina's impact really influenced this month's erroneous prices (erroneous due to changes in prices after TP went to publication) but every month, by the time TP gets to our houses, those prices can be changed and usually are. So, I ask again: Why bother? Or is this one more thing to chalk up to the future D1 seat run? Another "keeping you informed" thing? D1, watch out. You have a queen trying to run you.

* * End for this month: read next month's exciting issue! * *

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