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Rumor has it that the saurian Scott Knox has told the Flunkie of D1 that term limits are unconstitutional and that Flunkie can run for another term. If this be true, we may see another four years of Flunkieness in the D1 seat. Or, if it be not true, we may see Her Britishness run. Either way, if one of these two wins, all of D1 loses.

Rumor has it... A certain Brit will seek the seat soon to be vacated by District 1 Commissioner. I wonder who this Brit could be... Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Not really a rumor, but was told from a very reliable source that the PSJHOA leadership shut down the PSJHOA because they feared I and others who agree with me would come in and take over the PSJHOA at the elections in April of this year. The reliable source said that the PSJHOA leadership felt like they got the last laugh by preventing that. Right: that'll teach me good, won't it?

I suppose that the leadership's attitude could be compared with Richard Nixon being kicked out of the White House but Nixon believing he got the last laugh because they (the press) wouldn't have him to "kick around any more." That's like Saddam Hussein asserting that he got the last laugh because he survived (unlike his sons) our going into his country.

The PSJHOA leadership tucked their tails between their legs and ran like scared babies and they figured that's a victory? The PSJHOA leadership asserts that they lost every battle and shut down the shop, but won the war.

Where is their victory? Where is their reason to laugh? They are out of power, out of position, and out of our hair. Laugh all they want. I won and am laughing at them much harder than they are laughing at their "victory".

Rumor: Linda McKinney didn't finish any schooling higher than the ninth grade.

My Comment: First, that's funny. I don't know who started this rumor, but I don't think it was a friend. So, that leaves only someone who doesn't know me very well and doesn't like me. Whoever that may be, I will not give them the satisfaction of finding out how much schooling I do have. Let people think what they may about that, it means nothing to me.

However, it may be something that the rumor-starter might wish to rethink. Consider: If the rumor-starter was a member of the opposition during the incorporation battle, my ninth grade "edumacation" and I helped defeat them by a margin of almost 3 to 1. Or, if they were on the side of wanting to raise our taxes by 1, then I helped defeat them, too. So, if you think that I am functioning on a ninth grade education, then what does that say about my opponents' education, or what good it is doing them? Something to think about, no?

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