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9/24/2014: It's been a while since I've done any work on this site. I've done a few things lately that may pique you (I realized today that saying "pique your interest", considering the definition of "pique" is redundant, thus my change of habit). So look around and see if you can find the few things. I've also found some broken links in the last few months that I intend to fix if I can again find them. I shall have to search for them and see if I can solve the problem. Cheerio.

9/8/2013: I never thought it would get to this level of stupidity, but Ms Rupe has done it again.

"I noticed your Buddy of PSJ History fame, has no contact info to write to him.     Create a website that spreads rumors, libel, Defamation of character in the community, and the world, and it’s anonymous, scared to put a name on it,     Sniveling Coward.
"Maureen rupe"
She has written to me at least three times via the contact information on this website. Two of those e-mails were blank. One was addressed to Linda McKinney of Space Coast Conservative and is lower on this page. So she has used the contact info she alleges is not available here. How can she use something that doesn't exist? As I asked earlier, is Ms Rupe having some sort of mini strokes, or something that would make her brain malfunction so often? Or is she just that way? Whichever, today I will ensure that each page here (not linked) has a contact link at the bottom of the page. Just to make sure Ms Rupe can contact me - AGAIN - whenever she so desires.

NOTE: I just realized that there is a "Contact Page" on the "Maureen Rupe Exposed" portion of this website with my contact e-mail. PLUS, there is the original contact info on this page, below. This proves that Ms Rupe's allegations on this subject are, as usual, totally unfounded.

By the bye, what makes Ms Rupe think that I am a "him"?

History is not "rumors, libel, Defamation of character" or anything else negative. Everything here actually happened. She said and did these things and there is proof. It is public record, her own words and deeds. It is history. There is nothing wrong with history as long as you're not the guilty party.

As to whether I publish my name, that is my choice. If she thinks me a "Sniveling Coward" because I choose to remain anonymous while telling the truth and telling the true history of PSJ's recent past, that's her problem. Her attorney can reach me via the link to e-mail me if he/she so desires and Ms Rupe can afford it. I will remind Ms Rupe that she herself has done the things listed here (although it was her hubby who allegedly - "allegedly" because I firmly believe that it was Ms Rupe herself who wrote the complaint up considering the similarities in writing styles on the complaint and in the e-mails Ms Rupe sends out -- filed the complaint against Maureen Rupe with the State). The history of her own actions being something to think of as "Defamation of character" is her problem, and it's very telling that Ms Rupe thinks of her own past as "Defamation". I wonder what a psychiatrist would say about that?

7/4/2013: Another interesting development. Linda McKinney of Space Coast forwarded to me a recently received e-mail from Maureen Rupe. I begin to wonder if Ms Rupe has a medical condition -- perhaps having mini strokes, or something similar -- that makes her do things that subject her to the truth of Ms McKinney's site. If it isn't a medical condition that makes her do so, then it is amazing to me that anyone would want to expose themselves to the routine return of truth from lies as does Ms Rupe. In her amazing e-mail, she includes myself as owner/editor of PSJ History/Maureen Rupe Exposed. Being included as a target of Ms Rupe's rant, and having received it from Linda McKinney, I post it here in its entirety for your perusal (and probably at least a few chuckles). From Ms Rupe:

"Your opinion Ms. McKinney is that I am now vile, meaning wicked, repulsive, repellant, odious, revolting, disgusting, and repugnant. The derogatory and libelous names you now have for me is extensive and displays your hatred for me. If it was just political disagreements, people that have their full faculties do not use words that attack the person, only the argument for their philosophy.

"Your problem is, and it will prove to be a very serious one for you, you embellish and turn everything I say into a What you think and What you want me to mean. For example let’s take the “Maureen Rupe Exposed” site. When I said it had gone to porn sites, which it had in the related sites and I have printed proof, you couldn’t leave it there could you? Your diatribe even stated I have nude photos of myself, which you had better come up with, as you will need them. Does your husband know what you wrote about me? How would he feel if someone wrote that about you? I should ask him. This libelous defamation of my character is coming to an end. Plus an attorney who is the son of a friend, saw the site Maureen Rupe Exposed whilst looking at porn sites for a case. He is willing to be a witness in court. That is how I found out.

"According to you ,I am a Liar that made it up, Are you aware how many times you have wrote my campaign site is illegal. Wrong. how many times and letters to the commission and others that I plagiarize, wrong. How many times you have lied and I have proof of the lies. I think it is called Libel and defamation.

"The open letter to Maureen Rupe proves beyond a doubt your unbalanced mental state. “God Told Me To,” shades of Jim Jones and other psychotics. I believe with all my heart you are a dangerous person that carries a gun. That is not God talking to you, it is the Devil and he has you fooled into doing his work.

"I shall send your open letter everywhere I can think of, as everyone that has read it has had the same opinion as I, that you need help. Your attacks are getting worse and I believe you are capable of violent actions. I can no longer allow this to go on without trying to stop it. Don’t you ever mention by name ( a disguising threat) any grandchild of mine again.

"You must lead a very unhappy life, spewing out hatred , that is all your site consists of, I hope you have shown your husband what you wrote about me concerning ‘’Maureen Rupe Exposed’’as I shall.

"Your writing in magazine’s, do they know your true capabilities. By the way, I am to ill to ever run for office, I am 69 now , but you look for anything that can to insult me.

"You are obsessed with hate and jealousy for me, You hate every good thing I have done yet boast when you clip a few coupons.

"Please show this to Keith as it will effect him. Just as you have effected my husband and Family. What goes around comes around, for you, and the Editor of PSJ History.

"What you wrote on February 16th 2013, could only be written by evil, to hurt and destroy and you loved it. God help you, he is not talking to you or on your side.

"Maureen Rupe
If I may comment for just a moment: Find a Thesaurus, look up every word that is similar to the following and apply it to Ms Rupe's letter: Absurd, Ridiculous, Idiotic, Bombastic, Ranting, Ludicrous, Grasping, Juvenile, Whiney, Jealous, Baiting, Hateful, Un-American, Unintelligent, Spastic, Schizophrenic, Wanting, Grandiose, Delusional, Threatening, Anti-Woman, Reprehensible, Demanding, Wanting and Awful. If I would say anything to Ms Rupe, it would be to learn from the past so that she does not repeat it; something Ms Rupe seems incapable of doing. She knows that Ms McKinney responds to every letter she receives from Ms Rupe. So the fact that Ms Rupe continues to address Ms McKinney leads me to believe that Ms Rupe is in want of such attention. Why, only a really good psychiatrist may be able to tell us, but the letters Ms Rupe sends are (to say the least) extraordinary: in their scope, repetition, frequency, subject matter, grammatical errors, threats and demands. What is best is that Ms McKinney has yet to respond in full, but what she has done so far is biting. Read the links she inserted into Ms Rupe's rant and see if you don't find at least a few guffaws. My favorite was the link used on "everywhere I can think of". Hysterical. You may read her full response in its entirety here. Be ready to laugh.

As to Ms Rupe's threats against myself: I have yet to hear from her. She says I shall be included in a hinted at lawsuit, but I have not heard from her personally to be told so. We shall see. If I am included, I think that there shall be little accomplished in the suit except to cost Ms Rupe and her family a lot of money because I know I shall counter-sue for court costs and any damages I may feel have been endured, and I do believe Ms McKinney would do the same. We shall see.

Considering the interaction we've been having lately, Linda McKinney of has done some searching of back files, old computer storage backups and the like and has found some crumpets for me! She found some funny editorial cartoons that were pertinent to the 2008 D1 Commission race as well as an interesting e-mail that was also pertinent. I had to use it all and they're available on the MaureenRupeExposed "Resources" page. I do hope it tickles you as much as it did I. There are a few other things she has found that I don't have time to post right now, but I'll try to get them up before a fortnight is over.

After the incredible e-mail from Maureen Rupe of Friday afternoon, I did an internet search to find out if had any potential links to porn sites, as Ms. Rupe alleged. It came up clean, as expected. However, a few pages into the searches (yes, more than one, just to be thorough) I did find a cache website that had a screen capture of the original website! I have reformatted the pages to look similar to the original website and am still working on that process. Maybe if she had not written I would have never found that cached page, but she did, I did, and it is being revamped a little to look similar to the original. It is what I wanted to do from the beginning. As I have done with the Civic League's, PSJ Bulletin's and the PSJHOA information sites, I've tried to keep the original look, or as close to original as possible. So now a close facsimile of the original site is going to be here. That is very gratifying.

An interesting development happened yesterday afternoon. I was warned that I would probably be receiving such, but didn't really expect it. Until I received the following e-mail (uncorrected), I thought it may have been a strictly personal thing between the two of them, but apparently not:

"-------- Original Message --------
"Subject: Maureen Rupe Exposed
"From: "Maureen Rupe"
"Date: Fri, February 15, 2013 7:19 am

"Hello Ms Mckinney,
"I don’t know if you have Costello’s permission to put up his website on PSJ History, or SCC.
"I have found out that in the past 4 years, since you have his site, MRE on your SCC website, multiple times.
Maureen Rupe Exposed has gone to many sites as a porn site. It also has my name, address, and my house on aerial view.
You may think this is hilarious, due to your nature. I do not, I feel threatened, harassed, cyber stalked and with my present health can not ignore this final insult.
"Maureen Rupe
"I do not have Costello’s email, please pass on."

January 19th worked on the "PSJ Incorporation" pages today. Thought that I would try to at least have some stuff on each of the links. I like how this site is working out. It gives a complete history of the past ten to fifteen years of the political and politics-related goings on of Port St. John. Those involved in some of the more nefarious activities will not be happy to see the truth here, but that's okay. No one associated with the pages put together here or in the sites linked cares what they think. I have seen this stuff going on for so long that I think it's time to make sure it is available for everyone who wants to see it. If you do not pay attention to what those in the realm of wanting to be politcally active (some people actually attend EVERY BOCC meeeting as well as a lot of committee meetings, board meetings of other boards, etc., apparently having no life whatsoever outside of politics) are doing you will pay the price for what they are doing without your consent, request, or knowledge to you and your area. It is those who are out there saying they "represent us", or who speak and are just FROM our area who are listened to by those in power. It's not that they actually believe that the activists are representative of the whole population of a certain area, it's just that the activists' voices are the only voices there to speak. Maybe some other voices should be heard more often? Maybe others should put their lives on hold so that they can attend multiple governmental meetings per week and be a balancing voice against the current want-to-bes? Or is it that the BOCC and other government agencies should realize that the e-mails and phone calls countering the activists' personal appearances should count for something? I think that's the big problem: personal attendance is almost a requirement of being heard. Maybe that, too, should change? Anyways, here's history. Learn from it, please!

Worked on the "Happenings Exposed" portion of this website. It has a few pages with more to come, I'm sure! Check it out. Now all I have to get the homepage done for is PSJ Incorporation.

Missed the Election Day deadline I had tried to set for myself. In the meantime, it has been over TEN YEARS (10 YEARS! 3,650+ DAYS!) since Maureen Rupe, Amy Tidd, Mary Tees, Randy Rodriguez, Carmine Ferraro, et al, tried to scare us into incorporating. Titusville would forcibly annex us. Cocoa would come and get us. Either - or both - of them would force us to hook up to their sewer systems and make us their slaves. I can't believe that anyone would say the things they said during the incorporation effort. The outright lies were astonishing. As I read the history of the things they said I'm appalled. I have hard copies of some of their writings. I go online and read the other information available and it sickens me. They lied outright and continuously about the things that were forecast to happen to the good people of Port St. John if we didn't do their bidding and follow them into incorporation hell. I'm so glad we did not. Port St. John has survived NOT being incorporated on that fateful day. We have survived very well without it (probably, in fact, BETTER without it than if we had incorporated: imagine the economy being this bad and another layer of government spending our money and taxing us to enforce all those new rules on us?! Yuck!) and we have thrived. We have thrived without incorporation and without a home owners' association "representing" us. I think we've done very well without all those wannabes spouting their desires and representing them as ours. We still have the one who is active, but I think she may have lost some of her clout in a few arenas and with quite a few people. I saw Space Coast Conservative's website where she had an exchange with the activist and just smashed her. You can read it here. I laughed almost until I cried. (A little aside here: Her campaign website is still up four years after her defeat so if anyone wants to make trouble for her you can go to the FEC website read about filing a complaint, download, print and fill out the proper forms, and send them in making sure to state that the website is still available in search engines and links and that breaks FL SS 106.1435. Just in case you wanted to know.)

So this is why I posted this information website. So that you can learn from history and not be doomed to repeat it. I still wish that I could have gotten ahold of the pages that the PRO-incorporation side put up (a Judd something webmastered it, according to SCC's owner). It would have been a good addition here, but I don't have it, my resources don't have it and I don't know if it's anywhere out there to get it. At the very least I could link to it, but no. Sadly, no. I don't have that information.

Ten years since all those lies came to naught. Isn't it a wonderful thing?

Let's see if I can get the whole thing completed soon. Check back. I have some free time coming and I'll try to focus on this and a few other projects!

I've been lax in working on this site. I need to be better at self-discipline so that I can get this thing complete by Election Day which would kind of be Port St. John's 10 year anniversary of voting DOWN incorporation! Ten years and nothing has happened yet! Ten years and there is no Titusville or Cocoa coming after us. Nothing has happened they promised would happened. Ten years ago next Tuesday, will be the anniversary of the best decision ever made in Port St. John. And I'll try to have this website filled up completely by then! So check back!

NOTE: Excellent! I got the files from the old "Conservative PSJ.US" website! There's a lot there, but I won't be putting all of it up. Some of the info is duplicated via the Bulletin pages (Library, Community Center, etc.) so those won't be put up in both places. This is the stuff that really got people hopping mad. Look around and see what's there. I'm still working on the other bits, too: Bulletin and Civic League so check them often.

Port St. John, an unexpected hotbed of political activity, personal animosity and lies. Power beds of personal triumph and tragedy, Port St. John has gone through many intrigues: the PSJHOA's questionable antics, the PSJ4T's handling of PSJ incorporation issues and Happenings and its dealings with the facts during the last ten years.

There had to be a place to gather all of the information from the last ten years and toward that end, this website was created. I have contacted the defunct websites that covered the controversies and asked permission to use their information on the history of the PSJ. I also contacted the owner of Space Coast Conservative and she has given permission for use of everything she has on PSJ's history. She gave persmission to use anything that I wished, copy as much as I wished and to link to anything I wished. Very kind.

As to the PRO-incorporation side, I have no idea what to do about them. I don't think they'd cooperate with getting their side of the story up, but I do have some of the history of the PSJ incorporation pro side and I can use that. I don't have any of the website pages they used to promote the pro-incorporation side. That bothers me. I prefer to show the pages as they appeared, so if anyone has those pages and has the right to give me permission to use them (put them together without being a work for hire, owns them, etc.), if you could contact me at this address.

There is continuing drama within this hotbed of PSJ, as well. Maureen Rupe or Randy Rodriguez will put something in Happenings and Space Coast Conservative will counter it. The Happenings pages are only available for two months, so any links to their website pages will go bad after two months. That bothers me as well. If I quote from or link to them, after eight weeks, they're gone. So that presents a problem unless you have the hard copy. With the hard copy it's something you can look up again. Without that, you're out of luck when it comes to finding what I reference.

I will be covering the new controversies as I find them and I think it's possible that it will add to the size of this website. That's okay because it's going to be a history site and history is (as the "History Channel" constantly tells us) "being made every day". This website will have to cover that history as well as the ten year old history, so it's going to be updated at times. How often, we'll see.

The old information, as you can see, has its own pages at the links on either side of the page. PSJ Bulletin, PSJ HOA, PSJ Advisory Board (that was oft referred to as the "Governing Board" by PSJ4T), PSJ Civic League, PSJ Incorporation,, and are all here. Maybe one day we'll add more, who knows? The PSJ HOA closed its doors in April of 2005, I believe. The PSJ Bulletin closed shortly thereafter. Want to see what happened to the PSJ HOA? Click on the link to the PSJ HOA (as soon as I get the info posted). I get to work on this when I have free time. It's not a full time thing for me and it's just something to help people remember where we have already been, what others have tried to do to us. If you don't want to go through it all again, remember what has already happened and learn from it! That's the best thing to do instead of doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result. That is, after all, the definition of insanity, right?

Of course, I will have some reminders, some new information, and possibly some opinions on what is happening. I'll have a page or two for that sort of thing as well. As I have said, how often updated, we'll see.

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