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February 22, 2019: 3:39 p.m.   I have allowed some of my domain names to expire. The domain names that I thought were not all that important to keep, I let go. I have kept "", "", "", "" and of course, my regular website, "". So I have fewer website domain names, but I still have the important ones and it's cheaper to register everything this way. The fun part is that when I have the domain names that I want no one can get them without buying them from me. I like that because I won't sell them; at least not for cheap. Anyone have a cool $10 Million lying around? I just renewed and it's going to be fun for another year having my favorite names as my own.

August 4, 2017: 3:26 p.m.   I just renewed I gotta' keep on top of things or I lose something important. So, I renewed that, but I'm thinking of letting some of my other domain names expire. I'll keep going, but I may let things like the domain names "", "" and "" expire because they'll stay on but they won't have a separate name that redirects to the specific section of, which is how I had it set up for every section of as well as paying for In other words, I have been redirecting all of the domain names of each section of with their URLs to the sections of that I set up for each of them. Since the price went up for each domain name and for the private registration of each of them, I'm going to let those three expire to keep costs down, but their sections in will remain active so that I will be able to update them as needed and keep you informed, but not have to pay the almost $20 each for their individual domain names and the privacy protection that I buy with them. Okay?

May 19, 2016: 3:44 p.m.   I noticed that rupe's website has had some pages taken down from the parent directory so some of my "Exposed" links are down right now. I know she took down the "PSJ's Historic Flirt with Incorporation" (version 2) page and about five others, but I don't know which five without going through my links. So I'll work on that probably next week. This week and this weekend is full of family stuff so we'll look into it further as soon as I get a chance. Who knows? Maybe that will be later tonight. I just wanted you to be aware that (finally) she's taking some of her campaign website down. But it also begs the questions "Why?" and "Why now?" What's happening that suddenly after having it up as was since her defeat in 2008 why start working on it now? I checked the Supervisor of Elections website for candidates to see if her name was listed anywhere, and it wasn't (yet). So why now? Why change something that's been up for eight years if nothing is happening? I'll keep an eye on it and keep you posted. If we find she's running again, I'll run screaming around PSJ like a banshee to warn everyone. I'll need that release and you'll need a good laugh to help you cope. We'll handle this together, okay?

December 10, 2015: 1:13 p.m.   Brevard County, as expected, stands behind the slander, libel and pornography allegations they allow the rupester to use against Pete Costello and I. I have done something to counter her allegations: not that anyone will ever see anything I've done about it, but prayer works wonders and as those who persecuted David in the Old Testament were dealt with by GOD, so will be the rupester and those in the County who support her lies. For my part, since she hates so much the true information I put together against PSJ Incorporation and against rupester when she ran for D1 Commie in 2008 I decided to put links to all of that and everything I've written about her onto the MaureenRupeExposed "Resources" page. Every link will take you to some TRUTH about her and about the things she said, wrote and did during the incorporation battle and her 2008 candidacy. She won't like it, but I don't like being slanderously associated with pornography. The difference being that what I write about her is absolute, proven TRUTH and what she says is always proven a LIE. That's the difference between us. It's sad that she chooses to LIE so much, but it has been her way for a very long time. I pray for her soul and for GOD to be my avenger. We'll see what happens.

August 7, 2015: 2:29 p.m.   Got some GREAT editorial cartoons in from the PSJ Incorporation days so I posted on the PSJ Incorporation homepage. Scroll down a little and you'll see the list. You HAVE to see these!

July 25, 2015: 3:11 p.m.   I found something in my files that I thought I had lost. It's a poem I wrote during Maureen Rupes's bid for D1 County Commissioner, "A Political Fairy Tale". Enjoy!

July 17, 2015: 10:12 p.m.   Got some new stuff for the MaureenRupeExposed "Resources" page today. I got editorial cartoons: taxes and government and CAPIT. I also got a call from Pete Costello to come pick something up. When I got there he had this for me! LOL! Too fun!

July 17, 2015: 12:55 p.m.   Well, it's been a long ride (again) and the crux of the matter is that it's all about the lies she tells on the public record about Pete Costello and about me, Linda McKinney, owner/editor of Since there is NO PROOF WHATSOEVER that either of us have done anything wrong, but she put it on public record that Pete has done something that "has devastated my family and myself" you know I had to write a page about it. That page is "Rupe's Porn Allegations" and I think you'll understand the depths of her lies when you read it. She really is a drama queen, but the worst part of it is that she knew that if she claimed a deep enough victimhood that D1 would do their usual knee jerk reaction and move to protect her and get rid of Pete Costello, who is also on the PSJ Advisory Board. True enough, D1 reacted just as rupester wanted:

"From: Commissioner, D1
"Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2015 9:16 PM
"To: Newell, Marcia
"Subject: Fwd: Resignation
"Tall to her. When is his term up?"
I think D1 was trying to say "Talk to her" not "Tall to her", but note the immediate reaction: "When is his term up? [my bolding]". That tells me that D1 was ready, willing and capable of protecting rupester's position on the Board and if things had taken a different turn (if she had rescinded her resignation after talking to D1 the next day, for instance) I'm sure she'd still be on that Board. However, the LIES that she told in her e-mails (that included "evidence" all focused on ME and MY websiteS) have been thoroughly and completely refuted. It's also now on public record what rupester said about her family members and porn, so that's a bonus. Read the page. Enjoy it. Remember: she ran for D1 County Commissioner against the current Commissioner. Can you imagine if she had won?

June 19, 2015: 3:41 p.m.   Yesterday I sent a Sunshine Law request to Commie Fisher's office for "all e-mails from Maureen Rupe on any subject received in your office in the past eight weeks, 4/18/2015 to 6/18/2015." Today I received the following response:

"CC Cummings, Cathleen Today at 1:30 PM

"Ms. McKinney,
"On behalf of Commissioner Fisher, the District 1 Office has received your Public Records Request. By copy of this email I am forwarding to Cathie Cummings in County Attorney’s Office to process your request.


"Marcia Newell
"Legislative Aide to Commissioner Robin Fisher
Abiding by a Sunshine Law request is NOT forwarding my request to the know-nothing-knox. EVERY time I submit a Sunshine Law request for Rupe stuff she is PROTECTED BY D1'S OFFICE AND BY THE COUNTY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE. I WILL NOT STAND BY AND ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN. Last time it took me MONTHS to get the info I requested because knox provided the cover! Not this time, gumby. I'm FED UP!

June 19, 2015: 5:07 p.m.   Color me SHOCKED. I got a reply to my Sunshine Law request soon after I sent out a scathing reply to the reroute of my original request. My apologies to D1's staff. The response included her "proof" of my website,, allegedly linking her to porn is that she did a search for the word "Exposed" (witness the bolded type on the word) and found that my website came up along with others. So because the search came up with (how many pages, it doesn't say) my website alongside acne treatments, Spokeo info on her and 2 porn ads -- note that ALL of these links are SPONSORED ADVERTISING that BRIGHT HOUSE NETWORK ACCEPTED A CONTRACT TO RUN -- we're allegedly guilty. Her assertion that I or Mr. Costello had anything at all to do with the search results and the alleged porn connection are totally BOGUS. Recall her assertion was that "has gone to many sites as a porn site" and "had gone to porn sites" in the second assertion? Yeah. That's what she said. The SPONSORED LINKS in the search at BRIGHT HOUSE network don't even have to be totally related to the search results:

"Definition of: sponsored link
"A paid advertisement in the form of a hypertext link that shows up on search results pages.
The ads are typically for products and services that are generally or very specifically related to the keywords in the search query."
So anything could have come up in that search. Also, an ad result on a search engine does not prove that my site,, "has gone to many sites as a porn site". To go to a porn site it has to be linked in some fashion; either FROM my site TO the porn site, or FROM the porn site TO my site. Also, she used my response to her first letter alleging porn connections without using my full response to her letter, nor the related second letter.

Topping it all off, she has the audacity to write to someone within the County government named "Marcia" (D1 staff?):

"Hi Marcia,
"I see she has taken down a lot of her ranting's about me, lucky I have them.

"Costello has warned her.

"Read what she said when I asked her to take the exposed off. What she accused me off, bottom of page.

"Also a deputy friend told me to find the host and appeal to them .

"Found they are Globe net who are in PSJ, and in the Business report to support.

"Oh well, I have had enough of her slander.


To the above I respond with the following:
  1. I have taken nothing off of nor down from my website since probably 2010 with the exception of my Christmas presents to my readers: the pics I posted at Christmas time of my Christmas decorations; the first chapter of one of my stories; the short story I had posted a few years ago. (I have definitely not removed anything regarding her.) Those are the only things I have EVER removed from my website and she knows it. Look at that image of the page from my website that she printed on Feb. 16, 2013 and you'll see that it has "2 of 43" at the top right corner. That means she is printing them out (as she says, "lucky I have them.") and she does this to every page. She can also peruse my website and see pages as old as 2002 when I first learned HTML to fight against HER PSJ incorporation effort. In fact, I checked my e-mails and via my account, and Pete and I haven't e-mailed each other at Yahoo about anything political since 2010 and to my other e-mail address since 12/31/14, way before her resignation!

  2. Costello warned me about nothing. I hadn't heard from Pete in months via phone or e-mail before he forwarded me the resignation e-mail that she sent him and D1's office and that was just June 17, 2015! I don't know when she resigned, but according to the e-mail with the attached request info, she wrote to D1 on May 7, 2015 and May 11, 2015. June 17, 2015 I heard from Pete via him forwarding her resignation from the Port St. John Dependent Special District Advisory Board (BTW, Spelling and grammar as received):
    "Commissioner Fisher,

    "With great regret, I must resign from the PSJ Dependent Special District Advisory Board. My decision has nothing to do with the Brevard County Staff that does an excellent job. My problem is fellow Advisory Board Member Mr. Pete Costello. For many years we have been political adversaries, but now Mr. Costello’s actions have taken it to another level that has devastated my family and myself, is not something that any decent person would do.

    "I cannot work with Mr. Costello and concentrate on the issues. I feel this explanation is necessary as I have never in 30 years, resigned from an obligation to the county.

    "Maureen Rupe
    "7185 Bright Ave
    "Cocoa, Florida 32927"

  3. She says, "Read what she said when I asked her to take the exposed off. What she accused me off, bottom of page." That's referencing my Feb. 16, 2013 response to her original assertion of my site (first Pete Costello's site). I asked her questions. I made no assertions nor accusations. I asked questions. If you want to read the whole thing you can read it here. Remember, she did not say anything at all about having done a search and found SPONSORED LINKS on the search in the first letter. What was I supposed to do: take her word for something? Should I have acquiesced to her desire to impinge upon my Free Speech rights? It wasn't MY doing that made the search engine come up with SPONSORED ADS for sex sites in the search and the search doesn't say anything about my site "going to many porn sites"!

  4. She asserted in her second correspondence supporting her porn allegation that an attorney friend of hers found the alleged porn connection while doing research for a case he was involved in. She said, "He is willing to be a witness in court." Again: Witness to the fact that BRIGHT HOUSE NETWORK has sponsored ads with the word "Exposed" in them? Oooh. Apparently that attorney doesn't understand what "sponsored links" are and how they work, either. Great witness.

  5. Also, if I remember correctly, she resigned every board, committee, etc., except the Parish Hospital Board when the PSJ Incorporation effort failed.

  6. As to her deputy friend (amazing how many liberals/lefties/progressives have all of these convenient, unnamed friends, isn't it?) telling her to go to the host and appeal to them. With what? Proof that SPONSORED LINKS come up on a lame search engine at BRIGHT HOUSE? Get real.

  7. My website is NOT on Globenet so she needn't bother them. While Pete Costello owned it, it may have been on Globenet, but when I got it, it was no longer there nor is it currently there.

  8. I didn't slander her. I asked questions, which are not slander. She said "porn" is asked questions about what she said. Period.
As to her assertions that Mr. Costello has done something "that has devastated my family and myself, is not something that any decent person would do." What, pray tell, is that? The fact that he chose a name for the original site during her D1 Commie bid that had an innocent word in it that she subsequently twisted, misconstrued, found SPONSORED LINKS on a search result and played the victim of has nothing to do with any malfeasance, misconduct, ill will, intentional act, or any other negative on the part of Mr. Costello or myself. She is just milking this for all she thinks she can get out of it and in the meantime, she is slandering Pete Costello with her PUBLIC RECORD COMMENTS about what she twists into a negative! Think about it! She wrote to the D1 Commie that Pete Costello had done something negative to her family and that it has devastated them all. Pete did NO SUCH THING. He used an INNOCENT WORD, First Amendment protected and PAID ADVERTISING came up with that same word or something generally to do with it! BLAME BRIGHT HOUSE, ROAD RUNNER, NOT PETE AND NOT I! Moron.

Does she not realize how BIG A FOOL she is making of herself? Does she not see that? Should she not be totally humiliated at her own stupidity? I'm sure the folks in D1 and elsewhere got a good laugh out of it if they stopped to think about it and looked at the "proof". I feel sorry for her making such a HUGE FOOL of herself but, like Mary in Pride and Prejudice, she "is determined to do so". Sometimes, I almost wish she would fail. Almost.

4/16/2015   Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) storage going in at TICO? That's what the local pooper-paper is saying and the author's article is supportive of it. What may not be immediately clear to anyone who hasn't done the research is that there are some problems with it. For instance, it has a history of its own disasters: a long history, in fact, but the worst of which you'll find on a different page. Why would the tree-hugger push LNG and a storage area so close to her own home (as well as many others), not to mention being close to daycare centers, at least three schools and an industrial area that includes storage of rocket propellant and an airport with airplane fuel? All of this adds up to one big "Uh Oh!" to me but the author -- an alleged environmental activist -- is pushing it as a good thing. Why?

12/31/2014 (For a few minutes more): I saw the local pooper paper's article on pages 4-6 of January 2015's issue and had to thank the author for her kind words regarding my years of service in the PSJ HOA. I was a Board member for two or three years (I forget which since it has been so long ago now): first while Becky Cronau was President of the organization and the author of the article was just the Safety Committee chair and on one or two other committees. Then, during the incorporation battle I started going to the PSJ HOA meetings again, after a hiatus to homeschool my two sons, to keep an eye on them. Two years after the incororation vote killed that issue, the PSJHOA had their election of Officers, and passed out pieces of paper and had nominations and Helen Dezendorf was elected President, DJ Olson (Scratcher Extraordinaire) was elected Treasurer, and I don't remember who was Secretary (Vicki?), but there were no nominees for Vice President. I didn't expect there to be a VP so when the votes were counted and it was announced that there was one vote for moi (NOT my vote; I didn't vote for anyone for VP and to this day I have no idea who did vote for me), I was officially made the VP of the PSJ HOA for that time frame. So I served almost three years -- I believe; may have been only two -- on the Board since Officers were automatically on the Board, and almost one year as VP. I'm so glad she noticed that I put years of hard work into making PSJ "the great place to live that it is today". I'm flattered by her kind words. Of course, she didn't direct them at me, but since I did serve, I can take the words and apply them to myself.

Happy New Year! (So now it's 1/1/2015.) Now on with the news.

A more realistic stroll down memory lane: Remember when all of the scare tactics were used to try to get us to incorporate? Remember when the City of Titusville was going to force us to hook up to their sewer system and the City of Cocoa was going to force us onto their sewer? Remember when all of Port St. John was going to be annexed by one or both of the cities if we didn't incorporate? Remember when "autonomy" was the password to freedom from the cities to our north and south? See any of the bad stuff happen that they used to try to get people to vote for incorporation? Do you have lower taxes today because you don't have a city to tax you as well as Federal, State and County governments? Aren't you glad we did not incorporate? I'm so very glad to have been a part of that effort.

Remember when the PSJ HOA was such a wonderful organization that they held closed door meetings (breaking the library's rules and the law) and their treasurer committed assault on no fewer than five people (including a pregnant woman and a minor)? They kept out members in good standing from the meetings and slandered said members for 90 minutes at a stretch? Remember when they called the cops on me for taking notes (police report: page one and page two) at one of the Board meetings? Remember when they turned down a donation from the PSJ Bulletin to help with prizes for the children on National Night Out?

Now there's a stroll down memory lane that is a more realistic presentation as to what the PSJ HOA had become before its demise in 2005. It could have been an organization for the good of PSJ. Instead it deteriorated into a political tool for the PSJ4T crowd and their supporters to try to be a power base for them to control all of PSJ as though they had incorporated. Otherwise, why would they have used such draconian efforts to stifle the TRUTH from coming out about them and their activities and why would they chance assaulting a minor and a pregnant woman, breaking the law and slandering members in good standing? That's the reality of the PSJ HOA in its last days, not the sweetness and light picture that the author gave as an example. Yes, it may have been that way at one time, but in its last five years or so it had become a place of darkness and power hungry players looking for a way to stay in control, no matter what it took.

12/30/2014 I've decided to do a fresh start here at PSJ In order to NOT destroy history I (of course) put the older stuff on Page Two. You can find everything that was on this page there. I'll try to find some stuff to post here at least a few times annually, but there may not be stuff daily. We'll see how this works out. One thing is certain: whether I wind up posting here daily (doubtful) or quarterly, this website is going to stay up for the foreseeable future. "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." -- George Santayana. If I take this site down then the history is hidden and can easily be changed. That's not going to happen on my watch.

12/29/2014 News: Linda McKinney here. I now own and operate PSJ Let's see what happens.

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