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I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but with my schedule, it has taken me this long to get it done. My apologies.

Some of you will ask, "Why bother with this now?" Or there are those who will say, "That's history. That's over and done with. Why do this now?" Or other similar questions. The reason: The time is right. There are only a certain number of years that must elapse before the people who favored incorporation can try to do it again. That time is fast approaching when we must watch for the actions to indicate the intent. Last time those in favor of incorporation took a long time to come out and state that they supported the idea; even though all along they worked toward that goal. Hindsight is 20/20 and we can now see where the writing was on the wall, but it matched the paint so well previously that we couldn't see it. My foresight is better now and it's better to be ready than to be caught unawares.

Thus, I give you the list of people who supported the incorporation effort. It's from public records available at the Supervisor of Elections' office and I purchased these during the battle. If you would like a copy, the Supervisor of Elections' office is in Titusville and they can get you one for a small fee.

Note: The names in italics are the names of the people still involved in the PSJHOA in a leadership position.

  • Amy Tidd started the account with $50 on 8/15/02.
  • Willis Dunham gave $100 on 8/20/02
  • Eric Dillon gave $25 on 8/20/02
  • Maureen Rupe gave $50 on 8/20/02
  • Marcie Beckworth gave $25 on 8/20/02
  • William "Bill" Bender gave $100 on 8/24/02
  • Hunter Buckles gave $50 on 8/27/02
  • Donald Weidner gave $14 on 8/27/02
  • Eric Dillon gave $50 on 8/27/02
  • Steve Tidd gave $10 on 8/29/02
  • Mary Tees gave $25 on 9/3/02
  • Judd Spitzer gave website design (valued at $5) 9/4/02
  • Marcie Beckworth gave $10 on 9/6/02
  • Bob Lewis gave $20 on 9/9/02
  • Bob Ezrow gave $5 on 9/12/02
  • Cheryl Wagner gave $50 on 9/12/02
  • Paul Burke gave $25 on 9/12/02
  • Willis Dunham gave $25 on 9/12/02
  • Ed Warner gave $10 on 9/12/02
  • June Stahl gave $10 on 9/12/02
  • Marion Tomzzack gave $10 on 9/12/02
  • Becky Pierson gae $100 on 9/12/02
  • Nancy Potts gave $25 on 9/12/02
  • Judd Spitzer gave wesite space (valued at $5) 9/12/02
  • Alice Lance gave $10 on 9/14/02
  • Maureen Rupe gave $50 on 9/15/02
  • Marcia Beckwith gave $25 on 9/17/02
  • Helen Warren gave $5 on 9/21/02
  • Eric Dillon gave $25 on 9/22/02
  • Amy Tidd gave $75 on 9/23/02
  • Mary Tees gave $20 on 9/23/02
  • Daurena Harrison gave $50 on 9/23/02
  • Judd Spitzer gave website space (valued at $5) 9/26/02
  • Larry King gave $75 on 9/28/02
  • Doris Jean (D.J.) Olson gave $10 on 9/29/02
  • Jack Rodgers gave $25 on 10/6/02
  • Modell Sharp gave $15 on 10/8/02
  • Delores Batcho gave $15 on 10/8/02
  • Vicki Rich gave $40 on 10/10/02
  • Jeanette King (wife of Larry King) gave $75 on 10/10/02
  • Becky Pierson gave $100 on 10/12/02
  • Curt Houfe (spelling?) gave $500 on 10/12/02
  • William "Bill" Bender gave $100 on 10/19/02
  • Judd Spitzer gave website space (valued at $5)10/25/02

Well, there you have it folks. The question you always wondered about: just who did support incorporation for PSJ and the forced incorporation (different from annexation) of Delespine, Hardeeville, Frontenac and Williams Point? These are the true believers, those who put their money where their mouths are. Some gave more, but all gave some. Remember who to watch. Remember who may be gearing up for another run at it. Remember history: we don't need to go through this again. We need to prevent it in the first place.

You also need to know that it was (according to her own lips) Helen Dezendorf who printed and funded the distribution of the little unscientific "survey" that was done. She thought the issue that important.

To quote the Boy Scouts of America's motto: "Be prepared". If you aren't, who knows what may happen if there is a next time?

Find the TRUTH!


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