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PSJ HOA General Membership Meeting, November 12, 2002

At the November 12th meeting, I was surprised to see Amy Tidd step down as President of the group. She said that she would no longer be working for this community. Helen Dezendorf stepped back into the position. That is something that is not covered by the bylaws, so that's another thing to be aware of, but if you want to have a say in this issue, come to the meetings.

Also at the November meeting, I was surprised to hear three different people suggest giving the HOA's money in the treasury away. Three people were asking to give your funds away. They suggested giving $2,000 to help people in PSJ have a good Christmas. They suggested not forgetting the elderly in giving money away. They suggested finding something to help the teens stay busy and out of trouble. The money in the HOA treasury is money you contributed years ago in order to "fight sewers" in PSJ. I believe 1994 was said to be the year people in the HOA stood on the street corners of PSJ and collected money. I wondered what was going on. You should, too.

Well, this is where I started this endeavor. I hope at least this much has helped someone. Again, if you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

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