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PSJ HOA meeting Notes for July 8, 2003

Remember, this is NOT the official PSJ HOA page. These are my notes from written notes taken the night of the meeting, and taken from the recording I made of the meeting.

We started a little wonky this month. We started at just past 7 PM, did the Pledge of Allegiance, then Helen went straight to some business, instead of having the minutes read and all that. So, we did thank yous to the Warners, Vicki Smith and D.J. Olson for helping at the Thunder Over the Indian River bash. They manned the PSJ HOA table and helped sign up new members.

The new principal of Atlantis Elementary School, Sherry Tomlinson, was in attendance to introduce herself and to answer any questions that people may have. She used to teach at a PSJ school, and is now back in the area that she loves. She said that the teachers will report for setting up their class rooms and all that on July 31st. She was welcomed back to the neighborhood.

Commander Jimmy Donn from the Brevard County Sheriff's Office was in attendance to answer questions.

After a gentle reminder, the minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted as read.

The Treasurer's report said that we have $4,941.66 in the account.

The following evening, July 9th, the meeting for the North Brevard Parks & Rec. regarding the possibility of installing a skateboard park in PSJ was to be held. Discussion ensued and membership voted to support the idea of a skateboard park, but not at Fay Park, not to give up a ball field for it, and to have it fenced, supervised, and to have safety equipment required.

National Neighborhood Nite Out is coming up fast! We have a lot of door prizes to give away, all donated by our area businesses. We will have free food, games for the kids -- and prizes to win in them! -- and demonstrations from karate, cheerleaders, and a few others. We need volunteers to help supervise the little children as they play the games, to help setup and clean up, to do miscellaneous jobs for the day. We will have access starting at 6:00 PM on the kitchen side of the Community Center's big room. We will have the whole room at 6:30 PM. If you would like to help, or have a teenager who would like to help supervise children's games, contact Helen Dezendorf at 632-0298. By the way, look in local businesses for the poster I designed for the event.

The PSJ HOA logo redesign contest has been postponed until after school is back in full swing so that we can have better access to those we want to participate. Also, we can find the judges easier that way. We will let everyone know when to expect the contest to start up. We will be having the judges pick the top three, and the membership will be able to pick the winner so that membership has a say in what our logo looks like.

There was a Special Master's meeting that Bob Lewis went to regarding a problem with a septic tank on Bright Ave. It's a very complicated matter with legalities and all that, so I won't go into details, but I will say that the Special Master ordered the County to deal with the problem. It's not an easy thing because the County says that the they have no money for it, but they will have to do it anyways.

Then we got into something that was all kinds of fun: the 1 sales surtax increase the County Commissioners are trying to get passed in referendum on November 4th. Whew! You missed a good one! Helen is in favor of it. I am against it. We were supposed to be making up a "wish list" of things we would like to see happen with the money. There are already delineated items for District 1, including PSJ, but Comm. Scarborough asked us to add more so that the 1.6% of the money that was then earmarked for North Brevard could be increased maybe to as much as 1.8% of the money. Remember, Comm. Colon's district gets about 45% and she is the only Commissioner who voted against it! So the "additional wish list" was as follows:

  • Add Ranch Road paving
  • A Senior Center
  • A Gymnasium "for the kids"
  • Fay Lake Park's Phase II and III
  • Sidewalks
  • Skateboard park
There are two problems with this: First, read my page about Commissioner Scarborough quotes, he says himself that there are no guarantees that any of these things will get done with our money. Second, if we build a Senior Center with the Senior's money, how are they going to afford other things? How can anyone afford buying a swimming pool for their community if they can't afford diapers for their babies? Diapers are taxed. Go to my tax page (no longer available) if you would like to read my ideas, criticisms and comments on the issue. I had several like-minded people at the meeting, arguing against the tax increase alongside me, so I know that I'm not the only person in PSJ against it. This other person pointed out that the total increase in taxation with 1 sales tax actually was a 16% increase. Wow. I reminded the members of the lawsuit that Kay Burke, Sheriff Phil Williams, Maureen Rupe and one other person (I forget who, but a link is on my tax page which is no longer available since we defeated the issue): filed against the County to keep our taxes high against the Cap-It tax cap that voters voted something like 80% in favor of to keep our taxes as low as possible.

The need for volunteers August 5th for the National Neighborhood Nite Out was reiterated.

A reminder that the Board of Directors meeting was upcoming on the following Monday was voiced. I remind you that it IS open to the public and you are welcome to attend. And we do have an opening due to health reasons on the Board, so if you are interested, please come.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.

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