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WOW! What a time I've had of it. Injury and illness (scarlet fever, anyone?) started it off, then we went to a virus on my desktop computer and being unable to use my most often used programs (including the internet and my Adobe PageMaker programs), and then it was illness again. Guess what? I'm better now. And I'm back!

Not only am I back, but soon I will be posting a whole new look and a whole new attitude. That's right, folks. It's gonna' be CONSERVATIVEPSJ.US: GLOVES OFF! I'm gonna' be hittin' and hittin' hard anything and everything I don't agree with and I don't like. I am not gonna' play the namby-pamby games of "being nice for nice's sake" thing. I'm gonna' take the gloves off and just let 'er rip! So, if you are one of those goody-two-shoes (or is it goody-two-sNooZe?) who wants everyone to get along, just go away. You won't like it here and you won't be enjoying yourself. If you're not gone yet, then you deserve what you get so don't whine to me about any of it because I won't be listening. I may, however, post your snivellings on my site.

It will take some time to get the new look up, so check back often, and if you haven't read some of the old pages lately, you may wish to do that. I'll be taking quite a few of them down and concentrating on the truths of life (whether you like them or not) and I won't have any places for the "sweetnesses" of life anymore so if that's what your came for, get it while the gettin's good. I will keep the community updates section; that's a service. I will keep the "Government Links" page; it's handy for me as well. I will take down quite a few other things, though. So check back often to see what's what.

Also, check out my new blog page. Eponym went into a "pay only" situation and I believe in making my speech as free as possible, so I let that expire. Now I'm on "Blogger" and I'll be posting there quite frequently, I hope. As long as viruses and the like cooperate, that is.

So, I'm back. And I'm taking no prisoners, pulling no punches, and it's time to make people whine. Belly up to the bar, folks. This is going to be fun.

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